Tara's extra special Mother's Day present

PROUD PARENTS: Tara Green and Nick McDonald dote on their first born Annabelle.

PROUD PARENTS: Tara Green and Nick McDonald dote on their first born Annabelle.

Boasting rights for best Mother’s Day present this year quite rightly go to Tara Green from Templers.

On Sunday, she and partner Nick McDonald welcomed their first born child Annabelle Margaret, weighing in at 6lb 8.5ozs (2960 grams) and born at Gawler Health Service.

Her actual mother’s day gift, a surprise from Nick, was a built-in robe for the nursery, however Tara said Annabelle was the “best present”. 

Tiny Annabelle’s original arrival date wasn’t scheduled until May 23, but the sweet bundle of joy had other plans arrived on May 16 via caesarean due to being breech.

And it was her dad and step dad who both predicted Annabelle would be born on Mother’s Day.

For Tara, events leading up to her birth will firmly stick in her mind.

Nick was preparing a roast and Tara organising the vegetables for a family feast on Sunday when she began to feel contractions.

However, instead of rushing off to the hospital, Tara made sure she still had lunch and time to wash her hair and shave her legs.

Her calm demeanor continued through the afternoon and early evening with Tara insisting she was fine to drive to the hospital, but not before stopping off at McDonalds for a cheeseburger.

“I did have a contraction at the speaker box but managed to finish my order,” she said.

A not-so-calm expectant dad was hoping his first born would not be delivered in the drive through of the Gawler fast food outlet.

After completing her cheeseburger meal in the Gawler Health Service carpark, the same hospital Tara was born, she was finally admitted at 8.30pm and Annabelle was born at 10.42pm.

Annabelle has already struck at the heartstrings of her parents and grandparents especially with her middle name in honour of Tara’s great nana. 

“She is just so gorgeous and has the longest fingers and she has such an easy going nature,” the thrilled grandmother said.