Playgrounds receive upgrades

Williamstown locals have noticed the disappearance of its playground at Vivian Lewis Harris Reserve, but it is set to be replaced with a total upgrade, along with three other sites.

The installation of $1000 worth of play equipment across the region will see upgrades at Angas Recreation Park, Moculta Recreation Park, Tolley Reserve and Vivian Lewis Harris Reserve.

The upgrades will include a small upgrade of a singular piece of playground equipment at Tolley Reserve; upgrade of the small playground in Angas Street, Tanunda; and total upgrades of the playground at the Moculta Recreation Park and Vivian Lewis Harris Reserve, Williamstown.

The new additions will replace outdated or non-compliant equipment, creating an engaging environment for children to indulge their sense of adventure and imagination.

However, at Williamstown, it appears there is one solo addition, where a sole exercise bike sits.

Signs have been plastered around the protective fence, warning of the dangers of the exercise bike.

However, Mayor Bob Sloane described the upgrades as a significant investment in community health and well-being and is confident the upgrades will a welcome addition

“Playgrounds are not only places for children to play – they provide socialisation and recreation opportunities and are an important gathering place for people of all ages,” he said.

“In the case of both Moculta and Williamstown, the entire existing playground structures will be replaced with modern equipment that will provide hours of fun for kids of all ages.

“The new playgrounds really are a step up from what was previously there. They feature new adventure zones and different levels of climbing and opportunities for interaction, and importantly, meet Australian standards for playground equipment so our children are kept safe as well as engaged in fun, physical activity.”

These upgrades were identified as part of a regional audit of play equipment and were included in Council’s 2016-17 budget. It is anticipated the new equipment will be installed before the end of June.