Trinity takes a double win

Well groom my whiskers and pat me down like I'm going through customs, what a glorious weekend to be alive – and more importantly, basking in the sunshine of the wonderful Home of Hockey!

I was there early to watch the grandies take to the pitches and it was a tiny bit brisk to start with, but this old sea dog has faced northern seas with polar winds that make a bear curl up in disgust, so I was in my element.

Once the tiny tots were done alternately chasing balls and spinning on their sticks, then it was time to watch some of the senior juniors work their magic!

As the morning wore on it got gloriouser and gloriouser (with a nod and wink to Lewis Carroll here for that word) and I found it as difficult and unwilling as Garfield to escape the all-embracing sunbeams… with pretty much the same result.

Now that the little kitchenette is taking shape under the shelter, I have plans for the far corner, to set up my barber's poles and my tote sheet.

There's room for an abacus and chalkboard and I'm sure no-one would object to having a punt on the sly, with notes slid under a notice of haircut prices and a brisk trade of Old Spice lathering brushes.

Of course, the Legs A girls will be very short odds as pretty much a done deal, but everything else is Open for Discussion beside the Spinning Poles.

The A grade sides had a week off from local comps as they had the Country Carnivals.

I hear they did ok, especially the girls, but I'm sure to catch whispers of the results properly later on.

The 13's Canaries played the Legs in their game, with a solid win to the green and gold.

The 13's Maggies played off with a pretty dominant score line.

The younger side will take a little while to shape up so that's okay.

In the 15's my stripey mates took on the Maggies and didn't pick up the points, but it's a long season ahead and this grade will show marked improvement as it goes.

In the B women, the ladder leading legs (say it fast) took their game and trinity finished off in their game.

My stripey mates had a tough tussle against the Blocky girls and shows that this is going to be a very interesting grade to watch.

The Parrots played for the top rung of the Aviary on the grass in the men's game, with the Blues coming up with the goods in a game that could have gone either way.

And I sign off with disgust at the Crows having their usual slump a little early after getting my pacemaker a little gee'd up in the first couple of weeks.

Ah, well, it's only sport and there's greater worries than this… my port bottle is empty. Hmph.