Gawler Central season preview


Gawler Central has had a roller-coaster of an off-season, with a new coach and a large change of personnel changing the club’s landscape.

Central has lost star power such as Craig Taylor, Craig Jamar and superboot Brad Mercer, but coach Matt Whelan said that just meant more opportunities.

"You can't replace a Mercer with one individual, the game structure I’ll implement will give us more opportunities at scoring goals, some guys have gotta stand up,” he said.

Central’s reserves have featured an abundance of talent, and Whelan said these players would now get their deserved chance.

"Tyson Duffield will lead our ruck, for him it's about game time at the high level, he gets that opp, done a fair amount of work over the pre-season,” he said.

“Jamie Wegener has been through the guts in the B's, and he’s got the talent to play regular A grade footy.”

Despite the changes and the path the club has taken, Whelan still expects a victory round one over Willaston.

"I expect a win round one, I expect to win every week, but I understand that the path we're on is on a development path, but the players understand round one is a win," he said.

Prediction: Seventh


Gawler Central was the fast runner home, producing something that pushed it firmly into premiership contention.

However, those dreams were dealt a massive blow as Barossa District dismissed them in the semi-final.

Coach Phil Hendy said that there’s been a few changes in the off-season.

"We've had a little change of personnel, unfortunately we've had a couple of retirements, and a major blow with an injury, but adversity gives opportunity to others to step up," he said.

Central will host the new look Willaston side in round one, but the aim is to start well.

"First and foremost to kick off the season well, the girls will be happy their out on court, whatever group of girls we put out on court they'll always be competitive," Hendy said.