Freeling season preview


Freeling look to be a club ready to burst onto the scene after a number of seasons in the BLG wilderness.

Coach Scott Dutschke provides his own unique touch on the game for the Redlegs, but a few additions look set to change the game.

Adam Cockshell, previously of AFL and SANFL fame, joined the Redlegs, and a star in the SAAFL Josh Hand has donned the jumper as well.

Freeling has already proved it has firepower at its disposal, with Joel Vaneveld and the ever-talented John Boxer running rings around midfielders.

The Redlegs will need to gel first, before they start exerting damage on other clubs.

Prediction: Fourth


Freeling fell agonisingly short of finals last year, steamrolled by the rampant Gawler Central side who snatched fourth spot from its grasps.

However, the Redlegs will be set to fly under the radar as they did for so much of 2016.

Freeling has proved it can throttle the big teams, with Barossa District falling victim in the first round last year.