Angaston CWA's hope for longevity

Revelations the Angaston Country Women’s Association was on the brink of closure spurred the community into action last week.

Following a special meeting on Wednesday, the Herald’s online story of the CWA’s plight garnered significant attention – and a strong call to action.

The group, which has been running for nearly 70 years, had battled dwindling numbers for some time, forcing discussions on its future.

“The amount of active members is dwindling,” president Evonne Pritchard said.

“Currently we have seven paid members; two ladies who hold (executive) positions won’t be rejoining, and it could be up to four members we have lost.”

She said it was difficult to get younger members involved as they were busy with children and work.

“It’s a shame, but it’s dwindled down to the point that we haven’t got the numbers to have a meeting.

“The bottom line is, everyone is busy.”

The Angaston CWA meets twice a month – once for its regular meeting, and also for its craft day – but the dwindling amount of active members had seen its activities greatly reduced.

In the past, its fundraising efforts had helped a variety of local groups including the Angaston hospital, kindergarten, boy scouts, girl guides, fire brigade, Barossa Area Fundraisers for Cancer and Leisure Options.

“Fundraising has gone by the wayside,” secretary Lorraine Farey said.

“We can’t do that with the numbers we have now.”

But there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Following last week’s outpouring of support, the groups said it would consider changing meeting days and times if it could attract new, active members.

“We would need at least six new members to continue,” Mrs Pritchard said.

“If there is genuine interest, we can look at changing meeting days and times.”

The next Angaston CWA meeting is on Wednesday, April 5, at 10.30am.

For more details, contact Evonne Pritchard, 8564 2413.