Samuel's Anzac pride

Faith Lutheran College student and historian Samuel Doering, Truro, is set to put another feather in his cap, after he was named the youth speaker at this year’s Anzac youth vigil on April 24.

Mr Doering was named following the announcement from the state Anzac youth vigil committee earlier this month.

“I’ve been asked by the RSL to speak about what Anzac Day means to the youth of today,” he said.

Mr Doering said that Anzac Day meant “freedom” to him.

“I haven’t actually written the speech yet, but it means we have our freedom, we’re able to live in a free society, because of what the Anzacs did 100 years ago; they gave us our freedom, they fought for us, and we’re able to enjoy that,” he said.

He said that he was off school the day he was asked, which brightened the day.

“It felt pretty good being asked, that day I had a sick day, and then I got a phone call in the afternoon and I was quite surprised,” he said.

Mr Doering’s interest in history stemmed from entry in competitions and involvement such as the Honouring Australian Vietnam Veterans Competition.

“I entered competitions and from there one thing led to another, and it’s just grown and grown,” he said.

“(I) got myself involved wherever I could and it’s just gone from there.”

Mr Doering’s resume is already stacked, with a runner-up place in the South Australian Simpson Prize last year, the Honouring Australian Vietnam Veterans Competition and then the Australian Spirit of Anzac Prize, which he described as “very rewarding”.

Mr Doering last week had the opportunity to travel to the Light region and speak at a number of RSL clubs to discuss his historical research.

“I was asked to speak about the war in Vietnam at the Kapunda and Freeling RSLs last week, the war history there, and how we developed and felt about that,” he said.

Discussing history with a number of veterans at the RSL has been an “odd, yet enjoyable” experience for himself.

“It feels a bit odd, but it’s quite enjoyable to be able to speak to them about my experiences over in Vietnam as well,” he said.

STAR HISTORIAN: Faith Lutheran College student Sam Doering is set to speak at the Anzac Youth Vigil on April 24.

STAR HISTORIAN: Faith Lutheran College student Sam Doering is set to speak at the Anzac Youth Vigil on April 24.