Riverside’s blonde bombshell

BOWLING GUN: Riverside's Dylan Brennan is this week's Sportsperson of the Week.

BOWLING GUN: Riverside's Dylan Brennan is this week's Sportsperson of the Week.

What club do you play for?

The best club in Gawler, Riverside Cricket Club.

What got you into cricket?

My old man, Shaun "Stormy" Brennan.

How long have you played cricket?

Started back when I was 10, so 11 years.

What is your role in the team?

I like to claim the position of an all rounder but too be honest I'm more of a bowler than anything.

What is your most important attribute?

The boys would say my sleeveless hoodies, I would say putting the team first and supporting the captains decisions

Who are some of your sporting idols?

Shane Watson, the greatest cricketer to ever play for Australia.

Sporting clubs you support?

The Power and Sydney Thunder in the BBL.

Music you listen to and your favourite artists?

Nothing can beat Adele - Hello, it’s probably the greatest song of all time, favourite artist would be Chet Faker.

If someone had to play you in a movie, who would it be and why?

Chris Hemsworth, probably the only bloke that is close to being as attractive as I am.

How would you spend a million dollars?

I would spend a million dollars on getting Riverside it's own club rooms so we could sink red tins all night at the home of cricket.

Greatest moment and greatest disappointment?

Greatest cricket moment would be being at the MCG, ready to try and set the "nice Garry" record, then he turned it around and took a wicket.

Greatest disappointment would have to be the time we lost a grand final against Craigmore in one day.

Best advice I was ever given?

Bowl as fast as you can, line and length will come later.

If you were PM, what issue would you address?

As PM I would investigate what is taking Rick and Morty season 3 so long to come out.

If you could have any four people with you in a deserted island, who would they be and why?

Jim Jeffries for banter, Gordon Ramsay so he could some fierce meals and probably box on with Jim, the misso so she could suffer with me and one of the boys from cricket for beach cricket.​