Brewing slabs of brilliance

Barossa Valley Brewing have claimed awards for the Best New World Pale Ale and Best Indian Pale Ale at the 24th Australian International Beer Awards.

The Tanunda-based brewery was awarded the Best New World Pale Ale for its Hop Heaven brew and founder Denham D’Silva was realistic about the win.

”Obviously its a nice warm feeling to win awards, and before the awards night, I was quite hopeful as we had some really good beers, but I’ve been doing this for 11 years, and you can’t get too excited when you win and can’t get too down when you don’t,” he said.

BREWING UP A DREAM: Barossa Valley Brewing founder Denham D'Silva celebrates the wins in the Murray Street brewery at Tanunda.

BREWING UP A DREAM: Barossa Valley Brewing founder Denham D'Silva celebrates the wins in the Murray Street brewery at Tanunda.

Mr D’Silva said the awards were a good marker for getting informed that what you were doing was correct.

”They are a good marker that your processes are right, and you’re constantly improving,” he said.

The consistency of the Hop Heaven among other beers has been the most rewarding factor for Mr D’Silva.

”This Hop Heaven has been one of the most consistently awarded beers in Australia for the last five or six years, it’s never not won a medal,” he said.

”Also, consistently the beers are regularly winning across the board, which shows our processes are sound, and lets us know we’re on the right path.”

The win inspired Mr D’Silva and his brewing team at their Murray Street base to keep on going.

”One award doesn’t say you’ve got the best beer in the world and you can stop,” he said.

The Hop Heaven brew had begun to grow an expanded fan base outside of the Barossa.

With frequent enquiries to the brewery from outside the region, Mr D’Silva said it needed a name that “fit the type of beer it is”.

”That Hop Heaven has got a really strong fan base, but it’s been a well-kept secret,” he said.

”This was our organic ale, and we’ve re-branded it, because when it started winning awards, we started getting a lot of emails asking about the beer.

“We changed the name as it’s a lovely, heavenly, hoppy beer, and called it Hop Heaven.

”We had a tasting panel of good wine makers and chefs, and we said this is the type of beer we want to brew.

”The name just stuck, and I think with this new name we’re finding a broader fan base.”

The Cannis Majoris brew received bronze in the Best IPA category, and Mr D’Silva said the beer had won many awards since it was first released.

“The Cannis Major has won multiple awards, and when it first came out locally it swept away the awards,” he said.

“We’re hoping that we’re going to be able to expand our distribution.”