30-year plan is just that

ROSEWORTHY remains an integral part of the South Australian government’s 30-year plan but when the area will be rezoned is a mystery.

John Hanlon, acting chief executive for the Department of Planning and Local Government, said it was a 30-year plan, and as such, all areas were part of that plan.

A rumour swept the Barossa and Gawler last week that the state government had put a 5 to 10-year delay on the rezoning of Roseworthy for financial reasons.

Such was the impetus of the rumour that it is understood a developer involved sought a meeting with the Premier Jay Weatherill to clarify the situation.

Mr Hanlon said the rumour was not true.

“Roseworthy is part of the 30-year plan, and that is what it is, a 30-year plan,” Mr Hanlon said.

“The government holds land around the state, and areas will be rezoned when the need arises.

“It is impossible to put a time on when land will be rezoned, as it will be a case of demand.

“There is no point flooding the market with land packages, it is up to the government to be responsible for correct release when and where land is required.”

Mr Hanlon did say that South Australia was currently undergoing a cut back in the number of houses being built.

“We generally have about 10,000 houses built a year but the current world financial climate has seen that number drop to about 6500 last year.

“Times are tough financially and it would irresponsible to rezone land if it isn’t required.”

Mr Hanlon urged the interested parties to continue to work on an infrastructure setup for Roseworthy.

“While there is no date for rezoning, it is in everyone’s interests to have the infrastructure plans in place when it does happen.”

He said the costs of infrastructure would be worn by the developers, land owners and councils involved as well as the state government.

“It is only fair and reasonable for all parties to be involved in the infrastructure costs.”

Mr Hanlon added that land around Virginia and Angle Vale already had the benefit of sewer connection and roads.

With schools and shops already in the area, a release of land in that area, when rezoning is required, would be most cost effective for all parties.

Brian Carr, chief executive of Light Regional Council, said he had heard the rumour.

“It was only a rumour and I prefer to work on facts,” Mr Carr said. “Until I receive word from the government, whatever it is, everything remains as business as usual.

“In fact I am working on a discussion paper in regards to Roseworthy which I will be presenting to council later this month and in it I will be making points which I will be asking the government to consider.”

Mr Carr said his own view was that any rezoning of Roseworthy would not take place before 2015.

Martyn Evans, Chair, Roseworthy Alliance – Other Parties said the Roseworthy Garden Town is progressing.

“The Roseworthy Alliance – Other Parties, at this very moment, is working with the council and state government on an infrastructure deed to support the Development Plan Amendment. 

“Roseworthy is the only State Strategic Area identified in the State Government’s 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide. Roseworthy Garden Town will have a major impact on the local, State and regional economy.  

“The council and state government, together with all key stakeholders, including the Roseworthy Alliance –Other Parties are working together as part of the normal statutory development approval process. 

Mr Evans said members of the Roseworthy Alliance continue to meet state and local government and industry leaders on a regular basis, which is normal for a project of this significance.  

“We understand the government is committed to the Roseworthy project, which is the only State Strategic Area designated in the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide.”

Roseworthy in the 30-year plan.

Roseworthy in the 30-year plan.


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