Wedding DJ

MUSIC: DJ Ben Ford talking it up and mixing the tunes for a wedding at Chateau Tanunda.
MUSIC: DJ Ben Ford talking it up and mixing the tunes for a wedding at Chateau Tanunda.

ENTERTAINMENT is a key aspect to any wedding.

For the third time in a row, Ben Ford of Tanunda, has been nominated for the Best Wedding DJ in South Australia by the Australian Bridal Industry Awards. 

Ben has come along away from his humble beginnings as a 16-year-old DJ for his old primary school’s year seven graduations. 

At the age of 18 he was running a small DJ business which he ran for three years with one of his friends and then for the next 11 years he was mixing tunes at different nightclubs across Adelaide. 

Now 35, Ben mostly DJs for weddings around South Australia and often finds himself attending three weddings in one weekend. 

“The enjoyment I can bring to people through playing music which they enjoy listening to and dancing to is one of the things I enjoy most about being a DJ,” Ben said. 

“These days I get the added feature of doing weddings.

“Not only is it a crowd of people I’m looking after but I’m also looking after the bride and groom on their special day.”

To help ensure that the entertainment part of any wedding he caters for will be flawless Ben meets the bride and groom and goes over their music list to ensure that all the different parts of their wedding reception has the right kind of music and creates that special atmosphere that the bride and groom are after. 

While Ben has made a career out of DJ’ing he is not afraid to give back to a community. 

For 11 years he volunteered his time and knowledge of the music industry to Fresh FM, a radio station in Adelaide and he now volunteers every Sunday night at 8.30pm on TripleBfm.

He also as volunteers at the Barossa Village as a DJ for their dances.

In keeping with modern technology, Ben has created his own website: