Successful Laternenlauf (Lantern Walk)

LANTERN MAKING: Participants making their lanterns.
LANTERN MAKING: Participants making their lanterns.

On Saturday evening, August 22, the Barossa German Language Association held its first ever Laternenlauf (Lantern Walk) in the Barossa Valley.

The Lantern Walk is an old German tradition which acknowledges Saint Martin, who helped the poor and was guided at night by the lanterns of the children.

Children all over Germany, and in many other parts of Europe, celebrate by making lanterns and then going for a walk with the lit lanterns and singing songs. Afterwards they enjoy hot drinks and cake.

At the Barossa Laternenlauf event about 130 adults and children enjoyed making lanterns out of recycled materials with Veronica and Vicki. 

They practised the ‘Laternen Songs’ to the accompaniment of Rita’s accordian. 

Prior to the walk Wiener sausages in rolls, sauerkraut and condiments were enjoyed and washed down with Apfelschorle (apple juice and soda), a popular drink in Germany.

At 6.30pm the Laternenlauf began and children held their sticks with the lanterns glowing in the dark. After a short walk parents, grandparents and children returned to the Joy Rice Centre for coffee, cake, hot chocolate and Gluhwein.

The German Language Association Incorporated would like to sincerely thank everyone who took part. Barossa Village kindly allowed the use of the Joy Rice Centre, while Barossa Arts Council and Foundation Barossa supported the event with a grant and Tanunda Foodland discounted the sausages and rolls.

A great job was done by all of the committee and helpers from the Association’s Kaffee und Kuchen group.