Keyneton wind farm to go ahead

The controversial Keyneton wind farm has finally been given the green light, but the approval comes with a few conditions. 

The 42-turbine Pacific Hydro wind farm project underwent extensive consultation and a verdict was finally reached this week, eight months after the anticipated decision was due to be made. 

While the wind farm approval will upset some residents John Rau, South Australian Planning Minister, said the approval was subject to 26 conditions. 

These conditions relate to the construction and operation of the wind farm that will be able to power about 68,000 South Australian homes a year. 

The Keyneton wind farm is expected to have a capacity of about 100MW and Pacific Hydro expect that up to 40 per cent of the total project capital value of $200 million will be spent in South Australia. 

Lane Crockett, general manager Australia for Pacific Hydro, said they were very pleased the project had been approved and he acknowledged that a lot still needed to be done before construction could begin.  

“There is still a lot of work to do including meeting the conditions under which the permit has been granted as well as confirming a connection and finalising commercial feasibility, which will be directly affected by the outcome of the scheduled review of the Renewable Energy Target in 2014,” added Mr Crockett.

“We especially acknowledge that some members of the local community are anxious about the potential impact that this wind farm may have on them.

“We recognise that it is our responsibility to create a collaborative way forward to work with the local community to understand and try and resolve their concerns.” 

“We also want to find ways to share value from the wind farm with the local community as it is further developed.

“This approval confirms yet again that South Australia is a global clean energy leader and is living proof that the transition to a clean energy future is not only possible but highly desirable.”

Pacific Hydro is yet to make a decision on when construction on the wind farm will begin. 

42-turbines will be constructed along the Mount Lofty Rangers as part of the Keyneton wind farm development.

42-turbines will be constructed along the Mount Lofty Rangers as part of the Keyneton wind farm development.